What’s In a Name

Welcome to Love you, Baby Boo! I’ve really been missing writing lately and have been craving an outlet to combine some of the inspiration and loves in my life. With Spring just days away, I thought I would try this out for a season and see how we do. First, the name. Baby boo is the nickname for the 6 year old light of my life, Joseph Jordan. Love you, baby boo is what I say to him every night before bed. Ok, yes, sometimes I say it to our two chihuahuas, Cali and Bit Bit also. And truth be told, I also call my husband (Lorenzo) Baby, so this name just felt right. Lorenzo and I are both East Coast originally but after being in Los Angeles for almost 10 years, we are definitely now West Coast by heart. I always wondered if our first big earthquake out here would still have Lorenzo on the same page. This morning was the test when we were both jolted awake by what felt much stronger than the 4.4 magnitude and so far so good! I’d like to say we gracefully realized what was happening and made sure everyone in the house was safe. But it was more of Lorenzo letting out a loud yell, me tripping and scrambling out of our bedroom to check on Joseph – who managed to sleep right through the chaos! And somehow poor little Bit Bit was knocked off the bed and hid underneath it, frozen in fear. We pulled it all together within 20 minutes and rest assured, Bit Bit is just fine. She got an extra few treats and so much extra love today, I think she’d gladly volunteer to fall off the bed every morning to be rewarded the same way. Hope everyone enjoyed a happy St. Patrick’s Day! There was no Guinness or corned beef & cabbage at our house tonight, but it was my first year with a glass of green wine. And it was delicious!

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