Spring Cocktail Hour

Happy Spring! I love this time of year with the combination of everything coming into bloom outdoors along with incorporating pops of color into our home to breathe in fresh new energy of the season.

I am so beyond excited that my long awaited bar cart from Society Social was delivered yesterday! I am serious when I say I started a Pinterest board about accessory inspiration for it well before I even found the one I wanted to buy. I picked up some vintage drinking glasses during a trip to the Rose Bowl Flea  Market this winter that are going to work perfectly with this cart. If you can’t already tell, I can’t wait to start styling it! And just in time for hosting Easter dinner next month. I hope you aren’t bored of this topic already because this is not the last you’ve heard of my bar cart.

Joseph and I took a day trip to Palm Springs on Friday to visit  a very dear friend and her daughters that we haven’t seen in years! Since they were babies! It was so special to watch our little ones get along so well and to spend the day poolside. We got to have some much needed catch up time over dinner and it’s always the best when you can pick up with friends exactly where you left off, no matter how much time has passed.  Some girl talk / mommy talk was exactly what I needed.

Have a beautiful Sunday, friends!


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