Minute to Win It: Easter Edition

I love the idea of incorporating games into holiday celebrations. We are hosting Easter dinner at our house this year and I compiled four Easter themed Minute to Win It games that are not only fun for the kids but can also be adjusted to bring out a competitive nature in the adults. (I’m looking at you, Mom!)

Peeps In a Nest
The idea behind this one is that peeps have escaped from their nest and it’s time to help them back. Place a basket a certain distance away from where players will be standing.  Have players toss the peeps, one at a time, trying to get as many as possible into the basket within the minute (or until you run out). I like to limit it to just 15 peeps per person for this one.  You can determine the height and distance of where you put the basket depending on the players ages and skill level. We will be having players stand at the bottom of the staircase and have the basket at the top.

Bunny Ears
Fill plastic eggs with different amounts of M&M’s (between 5 – 35). I like to keep this in theme and use the spring pastel color M&M’s for this game. Have players shake the eggs and then attempt to put them in order from least amount of M&M’s inside to the most. Important reminder – tape the plastic eggs shut or they will pop open during the game and fly everywhere! Additional prop – have players wear a bunny ears headband while playing.

Candy Dig
Fill a basket or bucket with Easter grass and jellybeans. Blindfold players and have them dig through the grass and find as many jellybeans as possible in 60 seconds. The grass has to stay inside the basket / bucket during this challenge. Have a dish next to the basket where they can put the found jellybeans to count them up at the end. Additional prop – to increase the difficulty level, you can have players wear gardening gloves.

Chicken Roost Stack
For this last one you need 36 plastic cups, all the same size. Solo party cups are perfect, but really any plastic cups will do as long as they are the same size. Have players take the cups and stack them into a pyramid shape – using 8 on the bottom row, then 7 on the next level, then 6, 5, 4, etc until you have 1 on the top. Once the pyramid is complete without falling, the player then needs to take it down and get all cups back into a single stack in 60 seconds. If you want to make this one more difficult, have players keep one hand behind their back for the entire time.

I usually pick up a few gag gifts to give out as prizes to the winners, but sometimes photos of everyone playing these games can be the gift that keeps on giving!




5 thoughts on “Minute to Win It: Easter Edition

  1. Hi, I LOVE these game ideas! When you played the game with Peeps did you use fresh Peeps or did you let them dry out for a few days? I’m wondering if they’re easier to play with stale.

    • Hi! I used fresh peeps when we played. Everyone was 7 years old or older and it worked well to make things a little more challenging. But stale peeps are a great idea – especially for younger ones!

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