Lighten Up

Lighten Up

I kept my hair a warmer shade of blonde throughout the Fall and Winter but wanted to drastically lighten it up for Spring and into Summer. It’s been a while since it’s been super light and with the gorgeous Margot Robbie, Jamie King and Betty Draper as Hairspiration, I made my appointment for this week. I very distinctly remember the pain that has come in the past while lightening to an extreme blonde. I’ve been dying my hair various shades for 15 years and there have been countless times in the chair where my scalp would feel a combination of burning and itchy as my base was processing. There were times it got so bad that sometimes tiny scabs would form. As crazy as it sounds, the pain wasn’t enough to deter me from being blonde. I always thought it was just the painful price to pay and there was no way around it. I would make sure to not wash my hair for the 3 days prior to getting my hair colored in order to have that natural oil buildup which would help a little, but not nearly enough.

It wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles 9 years ago that my hairstylist (and savior) at the time from Umberto’s let me in on a what felt like a life changing changing secret. By stirring in a few packets of Sweet N Low to the color, it would neutralize the irritation and scalp sensitivity. I couldn’t believe it worked and something that was so simple! I’ve been a proponent of this ever since and when I went to visit my new stylist this week, I made sure to bring a few Sweet N Low packets with me. Tragedy almost struck when we realized we had gone through all of the color we had mixed up with the Sweet N Low but still had the entire area just above the nape of my neck that needed color. We had to make a new batch of color without any of the packets. Before I could panic, she suggested an organic alternative that worked just as well.  After she put the color on, she immediately massaged some Lavender Oil (that she had on hand) onto my scalp and it helped the same way as the Sweet N Low! I definitely suggest both of these options for anyone that has skin or scalp irritation during the hair coloring process.

PS – Neither the Sweet N Low or the Lavender Oil causes any change in how the color comes out.

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