Lucky Number 7

Lucky Number 7

I can’t believe my handsome babe is 7 today! We had such a fun time celebrating this weekend. I have been emotional with this birthday though. Is he really SEVEN? It feels like just yesterday he was my little baby coming home from the hospital. I laid next to him last night before bed to talk about the day he was born.  He loves to hear the excitement of that day and how we all could not wait to meet him.  Although to him, he feels like seven is still a baby and he just wants to be a grown up already. And have a job and go to work and get to do fun stuff that daddy and I get to do. You know, like stay up late.

He chose to have his birthday party at the mini golf course and he insisted on wearing a red shirt like Tiger Woods. Big Sugar Bakeshop from our neighborhood made the cake and when I went to pick it up the morning of his party they told me they were all in shock that a 7 year old wanted a full on golf theme.  He’s definitely an old soul but with such an outgoing, funny and playful nature. He’a also empathetic and caring and sweet and smart and loving and is a natural born leader who thank goodness has Lorenzo’s athletic ability and not mine. He’s on the path to becoming a great man. I feel very blessed to be his momma. Raising him is a constant reminder for me to do my best in trying  to be in the present moment and to make sure I choose kind words, even when I’m angry and to really appreciate each day because the months and years are just flying by.

Happy 7th Birthday Joseph Jordan, I love you to the moon and back.

One thought on “Lucky Number 7

  1. Happy birthday to Joseph and congrats to you guys too- he was the cutest little baby and is growing up to be such a special little man. Love you guys so much!

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